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The new “My REINHAUSEN” portal provides customers across the globe with access to all digital appli­ca­tions. So no matter what the ques­tion might be, there is one answer!

Testing solu­tions

Whether trans­formers or cables — thanks to the test systems from HIGHVOLT, oper­a­tion of these items of equip­ment is in safe hands. With these two modules, users can also benefit from remote service options.

Cable fault local­iza­tion

Where is the fault? When it comes to cable systems, locating defects is not so easy. The HiRES Locator reli­ably finds cable faults in real time.

Service for test systems

With the online moni­toring service, you can retain an overview of the condi­tion of your test systems, enabling you to increase their avail­ability.

Trans­former solu­tions

Always secure and up to date: With these four modules, users have the right soft­ware solu­tions for oper­ating, main­taining, and assessing the condi­tion of their power trans­formers.

My Devices

Whether an on-load tap-changer, sensor, or ETOS® control cabinet — simply register your devices using their serial number and imme­di­ately retrieve oper­ating instruc­tions, connec­tion diagrams, or firmware updates.

Fleet moni­toring

TESSA® Fleet Moni­toring allows you to monitor and assess all the data for your equip­ment in real time. Thanks to early warning systems, oper­a­tors can react before a failure occurs.

Fleet manage­ment

With the TESSA® FLEETSCAN 2D fleet manage­ment solu­tion, you have a tool that enables you to deter­mine the service life and failure risk of your devices — providing you with the ideal basis for making invest­ment and main­te­nance deci­sions.

Impor­tant updates

Are secu­rity updates avail­able for my equip­ment? You can find detailed infor­ma­tion on the updates in the release notes. Down­load via “My Devices”.

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