What can you do for our transformer, Mr. Schickedanz?

As the Director of Asset Management, Frank Schickedanz‘s aim is to enable all customers to benefit from the experience relating to transformers that Reinhausen has accumulated over decades.

Transformer lifecycle partner — what does this term mean?

We have gradually grown from being a supplier of high-quality transformer components to a comprehensive partner for the entire lifecycle of a transformer. Today we are a reliable service provider – from installation and initial commissioning to the scrapping of transformers after decades of service. We are available over the entire product lifecycle with maintenance, support, technical upgrades, and modernization. And of course, our customers can rely on us in the event of unexpected incidents such as urgent repairs or technical emergencies.

What‘s so special about these services?

One thing sets us apart from most service providers: Our advice is not manufacturer-dependent, so our customers can rest assured that they are getting the exact technical solution they need – no more, no less. What‘s more, our capabilities of examining the transformer together with its components, optimizing them, and reliably keeping them in operation are not limited to just one piece of equipment. If desired, we offer sustainable service plans for managing an entire fleet of transformers.

What is your vision for the future regarding additional Reinhausen services for transformers?

Our aim is to gradually add to the services we offer for transformers, develop them further, and make them available globally. Today we already have over 30 service locations around the world. Looking even further into the future, we want to become integral partners that add value on a level playing field with our customers.