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Many customers associate the Reinhausen brand with on-load tap-changers. But the company also offers advice, maintenance, replacement, and retrofitting of transformer accessories or comprehensive servicing of power transformers, including all measurements.


Recognizing warning signs early can help protect transformers from defects and maximize their service life.

Condition assessments: We carry out numerousmeasurement procedures in order to ascertain and evaluate the condition of transformers and all critical components.
Tests: Whether it‘s dynamic resistance measurement, vibro-acoustic diagnostics, or partial discharge measurement, we offer all relevant test methods relating to transformers and on-load tap-changers.
Oil analysis: An essential tool for assessing the condition of transformers and on-load tap-changers. We provide support ranging from sample taking and laboratory analysis to the interpretation of results.

Your contact: Marc Foata
The diagnostics expert worked at an energy supplier for 25 years. Today he is working on gaining a better understanding of power transformers and how to get the most out of them.


For decades we have been the specialists for on-load tap-changers and transformers. Our expertise can offer you real advantages.

Fleet management: With our new assessment system, you can gain the perfect overview of your transformer fleet. Solutions engineering: We provide advice on the design of transformers and offer tailored solutions even for project business.
Training and instruction: We offer training and instruction at your premises or at one of our five training centers around the world.

Your contact: Alexei Babizki
His previous interest was in pursuing technical questions in research and development. Today he develops tailored solutions for our customers.


With our technical service offerings, we take care of your transformer over its entire lifecycle.

Installation and commissioning: We providesupport from delivery and installation right through to the commissioning of your new transformer.
Maintenance of on-load tap-changers: Certified service technicians are involved in the maintenance of all types and models all around the world.
Maintenance of transformers: We also carry out maintenance and repairs on the transformer.
Oil preparation: We prepare the oil in transformers and on-load tap-changers and offer a dehydration service during operation.

Your contact: Uwe Seltsam
The experienced service engineer is today head of global customer service. His motto: Providing service anytime, any place.


We upgrade your transformer to the latest technical standards.

On-load tap-changer replacement: We offer direct, on-site retrofitting solutions for on-load tap-changers. This reduces maintenance costs and enhances the availability of transformers.
Replacement of motor units: Our portfolio includes the right replacement for almost any motor-drive unit.
Retrofitting solutions: We offer retrofitting solutions for components such as pumps, bushings, and controllers.
Technical upgrades: Retrofitting with components such as our monitoring systems or vacuum on-load tap-changers turns every transformer into a durable and high-tech machine.

Your contact: Robert Niedermeyer
He applies his extensive practical experience in providing service to the customer. His motto: We make your equipment fit for the challenges of the future!

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