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The course of history is mostly shaped by specific events that happen along the way. Here are some key highlights from the Reinhausen timeline.

A workshop in the Regensburg district of Reinhausen decides to start producing its own cleaving frame saws for the wood industry rather than simply providing repair parts. It becomes a burgeoning business.

In 1901, Andreas Scheubeck takes up the reins of the company and gives it the name “Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen”. The wood industry loses its momentum after the First World War, but Scheubeck’s sons Oskar and Richard (pictured) keep the business running by producing spare parts for applications such as bicycles. They also begin experimenting in the field of aircraft production.

The gear that heralded a new era.
MR produced this gear for the world’s first on-load tap-changer, based on specifications provided by Dr. Bernhard Jansen. No other business in the Regensburg region had been able to achieve this with the same level of precision. Read the story here.

Dr. Bernhard Jansen

When Dr. Bernhard Jansen presented a new switch principle in the 1920s, he created waves in his field. For the very first time, this invention made it possible to regulate the voltage in transformers under load. The fact that today’s tap changers still work on the basis of this principle is testament to its strength — and without it, the Reinhausen Group would never have existed.

So who is the man behind it all? The son of a master watchmaker, Jansen was born on 31 August 1899 in Wissen/Sieg, a town located in what is today the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Even in his early days of education, he showed a real enthusiasm for science. In 1919, he began studying mechanical and electrical engineering at a technical university in Hanover, before embarking on a career at the city’s power plant. In 1928, aged just 29, Jansen became a board member of the Regensburg Oberpfalzwerke, a power company that he went on to develop into a cutting-edge energy supplier.

He died in a road traffic accident on 15 October 1958.

Today, the Reinhausen Group is a family-run company with a global presence. Once a supplier of components, it has expanded into a solutions provider that not only produces on-load tap-changers, but also delivers a vast range of transformerbased services. Now, the company is heading into the digital age with ETOS® — the first open operating system for power transformers, designed to ensure that manufacturers and network operators are equipped for the future. Read more about the topic.

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