“Silicone Bushings last longer”

CEDASPE has developed a new generation of bushings for medium-voltage applications to expand its product portfolio: The “Silicone Composite Bushing” (SBC) series. Cedaspe, the Milan-based company, has been a member of the Reinhausen Group since 2016. Sales Director Nicola Rampin remarks about the advantages of this new product.

Why did you develop the new SBC series?

Bushings are critical transformer components. Traditionally, they are made of porcelain and are therefore fragile and can easily break under mechanical or electrical shocks. This leads to risk from porcelain projectiles as well as oil leakage and consequently the potential hazard of a transformer fire. To prevent these consequences, Cedaspe has developed the silicone bushings. Silicone rubber does not break, the refore silicone bushings are safer than porcelain.

How are these silicone bushings constructed?

The insulation body is made of a fiberglass tube with an integrated aluminum clamp. Cedaspe molds the silicone shielding form using LSR technology—an injection molding technology. Cedaspe can also realize customizations like longer stems for CT assembly and / or nitrogen cushions on the oil side. All components are manufactured at Cedaspe’s plant in Milan.

What are the benefits of this new product series?

In addition to imp roved safety the silicone bushings do not require regular maintenance like the conventional porcelain insulators. Hy-drophobic properties of the silicone rubber considerably reduce the need to clean the transformer bushings. This is obviously a big advantage, particularly in industrial applications where transformers are permanently exposed to pollution dusts, since porcelain bushings often need washing under such conditions.

Can silicone bushings also be retrofitted?

Yes, of course. Silicone bushing are fully interchangeable with EN and DIN standards and perfectly suit any retrofitting. No adjustments and no work to the transformer are needed. Silicone bushings are also significantly lighter, and therefore easier to install.

For which applications are the silicone bushings designed?

The silicone bushings are suitable for small and medium-power transformers with rated voltages of 12 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV and 52 KV and rated currents of 630 A, 1250 A, 2000 A, 3150 A and 4500 A. Designs for distribution transformer applications will be available soon.


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