“We offer insulators for every specification”

Marcus Hartmann, Managing Director of Reinhausen Power Composites France, on the new site in Cusset, the advantages for customers, and his plans for the future.

Since June 2017, Reinhausen Power Composites has had a new site in the French commune of Cusset. How does this benefit customers?

Marcus Hartmann, Managing Director of Reinhausen Power Composites France

The acquisition was a strategic decision. The new site rounds off our portfolio and makes us the only manufacturer in the world that can offer insulators in all specifications to our customers. Our range extends from small insulators right up to huge ultra-high-voltage insulators. This is possible because we manufacture shieldings in Cusset using the HTV extrusion process, thus complementing the products from Regensburg which are produced using the LSR process. We can therefore offer customers the best solution for their individual needs, regardless of the technology required.

What changes have you made in Cusset and what are your plans for the future?

We have acquired two sites in France and one in the USA, and we are currently consolidating these facilities here in Cusset. This involves modernizing our production equipment, and converting and expanding buildings in Cusset. We have also rearranged the organization and are aligning various processes. Our aim is to group together all our experts in the HTV process here in one location so that they will be able to make a fantastic product. We have provided the right conditions for doing just that. The almost 70 employees are extremely motivated and boast an extensive level of expertise.

What does this acquisition mean for the site in Regensburg?

We want to see both sites moving forward steadily. Therefore, we are continually making improvements in Regensburg as well, to ensure that we can continue to offer the best quality to our customers in the future I am confident that we will be able to benefit hugely from the interaction between the sites in this process. Sales and technology are managed from Regensburg. This ensures that the customer has a contact who can offer the best possible advice.

About Marcus Hartmann

Marcus Hartmann has been working with insulators for 25 years. For the majority of this time, he worked as a consultant with his own sales agency. At Reinhausen Power Composites, Hartmann is responsible for the Business Development and Marketing departments and is Managing Director at Reinhausen Power Composites France.