Energy base for Phoenix

Phoenix is grow­ing. That´s why the metrop­o­lis in the state of Ari­zona need­ed to have a sub­sta­tion com­plete­ly refur­bish­es and expand­ed. The con­tract for the project was award­ed to Rein­hausen Man­u­fac­tur­ing.

The city of Phoenix in the state of Ari­zona is hot, hot, hot right now! And not just because of the tem­per­a­tures in the desert city, tells Steve Spragg, RM Man­ag­er West Region: “Many res­i­dents of neigh­bor­ing states such as Cal­i­for­nia move to Phoenix as a lot of jobs are being crea­ted here. Local com­pa­nies are expand­ing their busi­ness­es and invest­ing bil­lions. Phoenix is grow­ing expo­nen­tial­ly”, Spragg reports.

“Phoenix is grow­ing expo­nen­tial­ly. We are pleased to be able to assist our clients in pro­vid­ing reli­able ener­gy sup­ply in the region.“

Steve Spragg, MR Man­ag­er West Region

So much influx and expan­sion requires a lot of elec­tric­i­ty. And it needs to flow safe­ly and reli­ably. There­fore, the Mari­co­pa sub­sta­tion, locat­ed about 20 miles south of Phoenix, under­went a mas­sive expan­sion by Spragg and his team. “Our crews spe­cial­ize in all aspects of sub­sta­tion con­struc­tion, as well as han­dling the over­all man­age­ment of the project.

That’s why we got the con­tract to build the sub­sta­tion from ground up.” Spragg’s sub­sta­tion con­struction com­pa­ny for­mer­ly known as ESS has been ful­ly inte­grat­ed into the Rein­hausen Group since 2016 and thus ben­e­fits from RM’s high-qual­i­ty equip­ment and exper­tise. Spragg and his team coor­di­nat­ed the entire project in Mari­copa, from demo­li­tion to hand­ing over the keys.

Maricopa Heights

Rein­hausen sub­sta­tion tech­ni­cians Jere­my Naley and John San­ford adjust­ing the 69 kV dis­con­nect switch­es.

The oper­a­tors of the sub­sta­tion, Elec­tri­cal Dis­trict No. 3 (ED3 for short), have worked with Steve Spragg and his team many times, says Mike Bris­tol, Assis­tant Gen­er­al Man­ag­er at ED3: “Time and again his team has demon­strated the nec­es­sary skillset, knowl­edge, and reli­a­bil­i­ty to suc­cess­ful­ly exe­cute com­plex projects from start to fin­ish.” In order to per­form the work on the sub­sta­tion, the entire sta­tion had to be tem­porar­i­ly de-ener­gized dur­ing the off-sea­son.

“Hir­ing a sin­gle con­trac­tor has proven to be the most cost-effec­tive method of get­ting projects com­plet­ed on time and with­in bud­get.”

Mike Bris­tol, Assis­tant Gen­er­al Man­ag­er ED3

After demo­li­tion, the civ­il mod­i­fi­ca­tions were com­plet­ed, to allow for the instal­la­tion of the elec­tri­cal appa­ra­tus: “The sub­sta­tion is becom­ing indis­pens­able for the region. That’s why we showed a lot of com­mit­ment and invest­ed many Sat­ur­days and man­aged to com­plete the project in about half a year.” Bris­tol is notice­ably pleased, “With their knowl­edge and exper­tise in the sub­sta­tion con­struc­tion realm, we rest­ed assured that our project would be done cor­rect­ly, and qual­i­ty would nev­er be spared. Mr. Spragg and his team have always main­tained clear and open com­mu­ni­ca­tion.” 

From foundation to operation

Strong foundations

After dis­man­tling the old struc­ture, the instal­la­tion of the new foun­da­tions could be start­ed. Among oth­er work, this includ­ed drilled piers and an oil catch basin around the 69/12.5 kV trans­former, as shown in the pic­ture. Oth­er work at the site includ­ed above and below grade con­duit and ground­ing, as well as resur­fac­ing of the yard. The rebuild of the facil­i­ty will allow the trans­former to be ener­gized and begin serv­ing cus­tomers in the region.

Handling with care

The site con­sists of var­i­ous elec­tri­cal equip­ment such as the 69/12.5 kV trans­former, 69 kV dis­con­nect switch­es, 69 kV break­ers, 12 kV switchgear and bus­work. In the con­trol build­ing, new relay pan­els, an AC/DC sys­tem with bat­ter­ies, and con­trol cables had to be mount­ed.

Checking in with the client

In the com­ple­tion phase pri­or to ener­giz­ing the sub­sta­tion, the MR team need­ed some key design input and dis­cussed these and oth­er poten­tial issues with Mike Bris­tol on site.

Energy for all

The new switchgear assem­bly: Four 15 kV out­go­ing cir­cuits will pro­vide pow­er to cus­tomers in the area.

Ready to energize

By inte­grat­ing the com­pa­ny around Steve Spragg, Rein­hausen can offer such com­pre­hen­sive con­struc­tion work with­in a radius of 500 miles around Phoenix, Ari­zona from a sin­gle source. Rein­hausen Man­u­fac­tur­ing offers trans­former ser­vice through­out the USA.


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