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Reinhausen not only builds on-load tap-changers, but also offers an extensive service range for transformers. In the US, the service portfolio is especially extensive.

From tap changer maintenance, through transformer installation, to the construction of entire primary substations, Reinhausen Manufacturing offers customized service solutions for transformer manufacturers, energy providers and industrial companies in the US from its five locations and with 65 service technicians across the entire country.



The hub for traditional tap changer service is the Reinhausen OLTC production location in Humboldt, Tennessee. From there, experts travel by any means necessary to work sites across the entire US, including remote regions like Hawaii and Alaska. All of the tools needed in the field are housed in a travel box making the twelve-person team fast and flexible.



The services span the entire lifecycle of the transformer. Even the transportation of transformers, including disassembly, removal and reassembly, can be done by our experts. The services also include maintenance, which may include but is not limited to replacement of bushings, gaskets, cooling fans, and oil treatment.



Modernization services include the installation of advanced monitoring systems, such as ETOS® automation solution for digitalization. In addition, services also include traditional retrofits, such as the replacement of OLTCs, which oftentimes involves elaborate and extensive modifications to the transformer. Reinhausen Manufacturing has a variety of tap changer products and services in its portfolio to fit our customer’s needs.



In the states of Arizona and Nevada, Reinhausen Manufacturing is planning and building turnkey primary substations in all voltage ranges, from 69 to 500 kilovolts. The service portfolio spans from engineering to final testing, and support during commissioning activities.

With unified forces

How the service team is set up in the US.

10 Oil rigs treat transformer oil across the entire country, from small trucks for tight spaces to semi trucks with all the equipment on board.

5 Number of service bases in the US. All 50 states are served from these locations.

1987 Reinhausen Manufacturing was founded in Humboldt, Tennessee.

65 Total number of service technicians employed by Reinhausen Manufacturing. They are distributed across the country, which allows them to be on site quickly.

24 Number of service trucks in the fleet. They have measuring technology and tools on board


One of the most important pieces of equipment for service work is the oil rig. For elaborate transformer work, all the oil — ranging from a few hundred to thousands of gallons — has to be drained and temporarily stored. During the work, however, moisture ingress may occur, which is detrimental to the transformer.

The oil rig plays a key role here: Using the pumps installed in the oil rig (1) , the oil is first pumped out into a sterile containment and, after the work is completed, it is pumped back into the transformer. Before refilling, the vacuum and booster pumps (2) apply a fine vacuum to the entire tank (<1 mbar), which removes a majority of the moisture and also prevents the formation of air bubbles during filling.

Once the oil is completely filled back in the transformer, the oil rig remains in operation and circulates the oil. In this process, with the oil constantly heated to approx. 50° C (oil heating 3 ), is where moisture extraction (inlet/outlet filtration 4 & 5) and degasification (degassing chamber 6 ) occur. The water taken out of the system is collected and continuously measured through digital moisture monitoring. Depending on how much moisture is in the system, this process can take from one day to several weeks.


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