“We are the global partner for the entire life­cycle of a trans­former”

As Head of Global Project Services at Rein­hausen, Christoph Zieglschmid is expanding the Service depart­ment glob­ally. In this inter­view, he explains his plans.

How is the global service depart­ment set up?

With more than 20žservice subsidiaries across all conti­nents, we have a global service network. Service is a domestic busi­ness and requires local busi­ness­people on site—not just because our service tech­ni­cians get to site more quickly in case of a break­down or emer­gency, but also because the require­ments are very different from country to country. Service is under­stood differ­ently in the US than in China or Australia—so we can adjust our port­folio to the local require­ments.

In addi­tion, we have an expert team in Regens­burg that can support our national orga­ni­za­tions at any time in case of impor­tant ques­tions. But it won’t stop there. We plan to expand our service depart­ment glob­ally by contin­u­ally adding new members onto the Rein­hausen Service team, commu­ni­cating MR’s concept of high quality to them in our training centers, investing in new equip­ment and entering into new part­ner­ships.

Why are you contin­uing to expand Service?

Service offers MR the oppor­tu­nity to stay in contact with oper­a­tors and to under­stand changing needs better. For MR, Service also means prox­imity to the customer. The topic is already very impor­tant for us. We have long offered tradi­tional services like replace­ment part delivery, oil treat­ment and tap-changer main­te­nance. Now, we have an exten­sive service port­folio that covers the entire life cycle of a trans­former, with main­te­nance, servicing, tech­nical upgrades and modern­iza­tion.

„We have an exten­sive service port­folio that covers the entire life cycle of a trans­former, with main­te­nance, servicing, tech­nical upgrades and modern­iza­tion.“

And we service equip­ment from all manu­fac­turers. While some other compa­nies are striking these hands-on services from their port­folio, our manage­ment is convinced that “a strong partner offers strong service on all levels”. That is why this is also firmly estab­lished in our strategy. But the industry is changing, and services for trans­formers will be much more impor­tant in the future. Equip­ment is being oper­ated longer and the age of fleets is rising world­wide. Customer behavior has also changed. Before, trans­formers were serviced after a certain time interval.

Today, servicing is usually done based on condi­tion. In addi­tion, exper­tise is some­times lost when long-serving employees retire and, at the same time, a new gener­a­tion of asset managers steps up with a completely different mindset that prior­i­tizes consul­ta­tion and, above all, digital solu­tions. The tech­no­log­ical leap of the last few years can be felt even in the gener­ally conser­v­a­tive energy industry. With ETOS® (Embedded Trans­former Oper­ating System) and our FLEETSCAN 2D assess­ment system, we already have fitting solu­tions from the start. But we want to expand our port­folio further.

What plans are you pursuing?

In addi­tion to the invest­ments in inter­na­tional expan-sion already mentioned, we plan to add new services to our port­folio. This includes, for example, our remote service from Regens­burg or further digi­tal­iza­tion of asset manage­ment. Above all, we want to turn our focus back to our consulting exper­tise. We can screen the entire fleet, assess it and recom­mend what main­te­nance or modern­iza­tion measures are needed. And if we look even further into the future, we intend to offer all-inclu­sive solu­tions. Then, on request, we will be able to take on asset manage­ment completely 


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