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Whether you need indi­ca­tors, protec­tive devices, bush­ings or dehy­drating breathers, Rein­hausen offers a compre­hen­sive range of instru­ments and acces­sories for distri­b­u­tion and power trans­formers around the world.

WWithout protec­tive devices, measure­ment devices or fittings, no trans­former could operate safely and reli­ably. With a strong port­folio from MESSKO (e.g. ther­mome­ters), CEDASPE (e.g. bush­ings) and CAPT (de-ener­gized tap-changers), Rein­hausen has expanded its exper­tise in trans­former instru­ments and acces­sories over the years.

“We make it much easier for customers throughout the entire supply chain process.”Stefan Schindler, Busi­ness Devel­op­ment Compo­nents at Rein­hausen

This exper­tise has been combined under one roof so that trans­former manu­fac­turers and oper­a­tors can benefit even more in the future. Stefan Schindler, Busi­ness Devel­op­ment Compo­nents at Rein­hausen, says, “The energy industry is changing. Busi­ness is becoming more volatile, and oper­a­tors are ordering on increas­ingly shorter notice and trans­former manu­fac­turers need to main­tain delivery time. That is why we have stream­lined our port­folio and services for Trans­former Instru­ments & Acces­sories to make it much easier for customers throughout the entire supply chain process.”

Personal sales contacts for the entire Rein­hausen product range are avail­able in every region, meaning that offer­ings can be better attuned to customer needs and delivery times can be short­ened thanks to the gradual expan­sion of the global logis­tics.

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No matter if you are in Brazil, Turkey or Malaysia — Rein­hausen has a global network of special­ists that under­stand your local needs and will provide you with compre­hen­sive advice. As a result, trans­former manu­fac­turers and oper­a­tors have a central contact for each region that takes care of every­thing: consulting, ordering, delivery process and after-sales service.


With more than 80 prod­ucts, Rein­hausen offers an exten­sive port­folio of instru­ments and acces­sories for distri­b­u­tion and power trans­formers. The benefit: Customers get every­thing from one source. This makes ordering much more effi­cient, from offer prepa­ra­tion to invoicing and ensures that compo­nents are perfectly harmo­nized and also fit with digi­tal­iza­tion solu­tions, such as ETOS®.


Rein­hausen offers a global logis­tics chain with hubs in America, Asia and Europe to get prod­ucts to customers quickly and reli­ably. The logis­tics network is constantly being expanded to further opti­mize avail­abil­i­ties and delivery times. For selected product vari­ants, such as Buch­holz relays, dispatch even within 48 hours can be provided.

Maximum effi­ciency for the trans­former: Learn more about the range of trans­former acces­sories here.


Stefan Schindler
and Torsten Scholz: