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When a transformer is already such a mature piece of technology, how can it be developed further for the future? Component suppliers and partners from the world of science explored this question in the Transformer 2020 technology study. The project was presented to the field in 2015. This overview explains which innovations from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) have already become a reality.


The TAPMOTION® TD ISM® combines an innovative drive solution for tap changers with integrated monitoring. The motor, which is mounted directly on the tap-changer cover, provides the drive energy precisely where it is needed. The commands are transferred directly via a cable connection—so there is no need for a drive shaft connection.

The integrated monitoring is made possible by the ISM® electronic automation platform (Integrated Smart Module). This platform ensures that all relevant operating data for the power transformer is recorded and analyzed reliably

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About 17 percent of major transformer failures can be traced to defective bushings. This is reason enough to address this issue. The MSENSE® BM is an online monitoring system which monitors the status of the bushings on a permanent basis. An innovative algorithm compares the capacity and the loss factor of the bushings and provides a reliable and clear evaluation of their condition – regardless of network asymmetries or fluctuations in voltage. In the event of deviations, the user is alerted by means of a two-stage limit-value process. MSENSE® BM is also based on the ISM® automation platform.


ISM® technology is the standardized hardware and software basis used for all automation solutions. The system is designed to meet the special requirements of energy technology with regard to reliability, robustness, and durability. ISM® technology was designed to be open and flexible, thereby supporting both the use of standard products as well as the implementation of individual requirements in transformer substation automation.


The TESSA® fleet monitoring system makes use of the data obtained via the ISM® automation platform. It monitors the connected transformers and equipment in real time and visualizes all relevant information – whether is for a single transformer or an entire fleet. This enables customers to carry out service and maintenance tasks based on specific information and statuses, identify critical trends at an early stage, and maximize operational reliability. This in turn increases the equipment service life and reduces life cycle costs.

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