One System – Many Advantages

The FLEETSCAN 2D assessment system allows network operators to keep an eye on their fleet at all times.

“The FLEETSCAN 2D method enables us to objectively assess the technical condition of our transformers. The detailed recommendations and the 2D matrix help us to make operational and strategic decisions relating to asset management”

Martin Hentschel, Head of the Power Supply department at Stadtwerke Mosbach GmbH

Overview of the Entire Fleet

Asset managers obtain a clear overview of the condition of their fleet, enabling them to plan their OPEX and CAPEX budgets effectively. Thanks to the results of the condition assessment, strategic planning can be carried out in a simpler and more structured manner.

Increased Service Life

Thanks to the detailed, pragmatic, and independent recommendations provided by the MR expert for each transformer, the service life of the fleet can be increased by implementing targeted measures, without large investments necessarily being required.


Thanks to a flexible choice of test stages, downtimes are minimal. Only the tests that are absolutely necessary are carried out. Following the assessment, Service managers and asset managers are presented with results which they can transfer directly into practice.

ISO 55000 Standard

FLEETSCAN 2D and its extensive documentation help grid operators to meet the requirements of the ISO 55000 process. This industry standard structures and assists asset management activities and in many countries is becoming the benchmark for utility and industrial companies.

Digital Solution, Simple Handling

Users of FLEETSCAN 2D are able to manage all relevant information about the transformer themselves thanks to web-based software. All of the data that is collected and the assessments that are performed on each piece of equipment are available at any time.

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