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For Reinhausen customers, arranging maintenance for their tap changers is now even quicker and easier — with the new service truck which has been on the road since May.

From the outside, it looks like just a normal truck. But behind the scenes it contains everything needed to service or repair tap changers. The new service truck even has reserve loading space for motor-drive units, bushings, oil filter units, or MESSKO® products should these need to be retrofitted or replaced during maintenance. Another highlight is a crane for lifting out the tap-changer inserts.

A service deployment can last up to two weeks at a time if the two-person service team carries out up to ten tap changer service jobs on a single tour. “The service we offer with our new truck is a truly all-inclusive package. In addition to the advantage of lower costs, our customers can also reduce the hassle of maintenance,” explains service engineer Christian Schaider, who spearheaded the development of the truck in cooperation with the head of service technicians, Markus Rappl. Previously, the service specialists would normally travel out in a regular car.

The replacement parts needed for maintenance which couldn’t fit into the vehicle were therefore delivered directly to the customer’s central warehouse. The customer would then have to make sure that the parts, along with the crane, the replacement oil, and any auxiliary personnel, were available at the relevant primary substation site on the scheduled servicing date. “But today we can relieve customers of this responsibility and offer a much more convenient service because, after we receive an order, all we need to do is agree on the date for the servicing. All the spare parts and equipment needed for maintenance are brought along with us in our service truck,” adds Mr. Schaider.

“We even create the quotations ourselves for these jobs, without the customer having to go through the effort, and without us needing to be on site beforehand. Only three pieces of information are required – the serial number, the current number of tap-change operations registered by the operations counter, and the site of the transformer in which the tap changer that requires servicing is integrated. Because we record all data in our system from the point of delivery of the tap changer onwards, our service engineers are familiar with the entire ‚life history’ of the product.”

More than meets the eye

Whether it’s needed for servicing or repair work, the truck has everything on board:



The specialists from Regensburg, under the leadership of Christian Schaider and Markus Rappl, have been working on the truck for two years. The development team initially considered a trailer-based concept with a car as the towing vehicle. “It quickly became clear, however, that this concept would have been too limited in terms of loading and crane structure. And when we added an integrated workshop to our wish list, we scrapped the idea in favor of a truck-based concept,” Mr. Schaider recalls.

The planning for the structure, the crane and the interior fittings, taking into account all requirements, such as the mandatory trip recorder, load restraints, or the fastening of operating materials, was carried out independently by the Reinhausen service engineers. For the towing vehicle, they decided on a 250-horsepower standard design from MAN. The conversions required for the crane structure and the trailer were outsourced to a specialist in Regensburg.


When customers today decide to order the full service from MR, they need only open the primary substation and free up the transformer on the agreed date. Because the truck is loaded specifically for each individual job, maintenance work can be combined cost-efficiently with repairs, for example replacement of bushings with retrofitting of display instruments from Reinhausen’s subsidiary MESSKO®, with a TAPSCAN® VAM vibroacoustic measurement, or with a dynamic TAPSCAN® DRM resistance measurement. The service truck now carries out service jobs throughout Germany and Austria. “It won’t always stay like this though,” adds Mr. Schaider, “we are working every day to improve and expand our service around the world so that we can offer the full-service package everywhere.”


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