Energy Makes the World Go Round

Without elec­tricity, the world as we know it today would virtu­ally grind to a halt. Every day, the Rein­hausen Group does its part to stop this happening by deliv­ering prod­ucts and services that keep those elec­trons flowing. Our energy map shows just how wide­spread our influ­ence is.

On our energy map you can discover what we do for your energy world.

Based Entirely on Your Needs

Network orators

The changing face of energy grids means they are becoming more volatile – which in turn is making them more complex. We provide grid oper­a­tors with intel­li­gent systems and services that help them to ensure optimal avail­ability of resources. And these bene­fits are avail­able to both public and indus­trial grids alike.

Trans­former Manu­fac­turers

Our system­atic approach and unique knowl­edge considers the needs of grid oper­a­tors and the tech­nical oppor­tu­ni­ties avail­able to trans­former manu­fac­turers by looking at the systems they operate. This has made us a trans­former industry partner whose name is renowned the world over.

System inte­gra­tors

Customer systems are becoming ever more complex and the demands being placed on grid oper­a­tion and equip­ment are growing. We give plant manu­fac­turers the exper­tise and systems they need to equip crit­ical nodes with intel­li­gence that is essen­tial to keep equip­ment running reli­ably and cost-effec­tively.


More than 90 years have now passed since Maschi­nen­fabrik Rein­hausen constructed its first on-load tap-changer – and a lot has happened in that time. Energy tech­nology has itself under­gone a seismic shift, but the Rein­hausen Group has also moved on, and now delivers much more than just high voltage in power trans­formers. Its port­folio today includes several new and pioneering solu­tions – among them, HIGHVOLT test systems and ETOS®, the first open system solu­tion for digi­tal­izing power trans­formers. Then there is the exten­sive range of trans­former-related services that we offer, covering every­thing from consul­ta­tion and main­te­nance through to trans­former fleet assess­ment. And the appli­ca­tions that the Rein­hausen Group serves are just as diverse as its product port­folio. Whether they involve indus­trial compa­nies, primary substa­tions, or megac­i­ties, we help to keep energy supplies stable and reli­able wher­ever we go – and at every voltage level, from gener­a­tion and distri­b­u­tion through to consumers. Explore our energy map to discover what we are doing to keep energy levels high in your world.

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