Giants on the river

The fourth largest hydroelectric facility in China is taking shape on the lower course of the Jinsha river. The electricity that is produced is carried to consumers via a high-voltage direct-current line. Reinhausen supplied 100 composite hollow insulators for this, each up to eleven meters in length.

270 meters

is the height of the dam wall’s highest point. It can dam 7.4 billion cubic meters of water. Construction began in 2015, and the power plant is expected to be connected to the network in 2020.

10,2 gigawatts

of electricity is the installed power output of the Wudongde hydroelectric facility on the lower course of the Jinsha river. It is expected to be able to produce 38.91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

11,3 meters

is the height of the tallest insulators that Power Composites (PC) has supplied for the Wudongde Dam project, while the smaller versions are 7.50 meters tall. The heaviest weighs an impressive 3,600 kilograms. They are intended for the wall and transformer bushings in the transmitting and receiving station.

85 insulators

were manufactured at RFR in France using the HTV extrusion process.

15 insulators

were manufactured at RPC in Regensburg, Germany, using LSR injection molding technology.

8 months

PC supplied HSP Hochspannungsgeräte GmbH with all 100 of the giant insulators within this record time. This involved producing a new winding mandrel and several casting models for aluminum flanges, as well as type-testing the insulators in accordance with IEC 61462:2007.

800 kilovolts

is the transmission voltage supplied by the HVDC transmission line, which carries the electricity from the hydroelectric facility to consumers several thousands of kilometers away.


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