Attention to detail.

In ener­gy trans­for­ma­tion, big projects are always in the spot­light. But it is the sum of many details that makes a cli­mate-neu­tral future pos­si­ble. Admit­ted­ly, these 12.5 meter sup­port­ing insu­la­tors are a rather large detail.

For exam­ple, they sup­port twelve tons heavy smooth­ing reac­tors in con­vert­er sta­tions at the end of high-volt­age DC trans­mis­sion lines, help­ing renew­able ener­gy reach con­sumers over thou­sands of kilo­me­ters with­out sig­nif­i­cant loss­es. The four sup­ports hold­ing the reac­tors come from Rein­hausen Pow­er Com­pos­ites. For them, too, it is all about the details.

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