Reinhausen Italia

MR has had a subsidiary in Italy since 1993, specializing in providing all-inclusive service for energy providers and industrial customers.

In Via Alserio, nestled in the heart of Milan, Antonio Pasquarelli drives Reinhausen Italia’s commercial operations. The subsidiary was founded in the northern Italian commercial metropolis 26 years ago. It was the first subsidiary in Europe and the fourth global subsidiary, after Brazil, Australia, and the USA. “When we first started, we only had five employees; today we have 14 and our range of services has expanded significantly,” says managing director Pasquarelli.

Top-quality service: In addition to selling MR products, the subsidiary also offers an all-inclusive service across the whole of Italy. Stocked with spare parts, tools, and measuring instruments, four VW buses and two trucks with cranes are at the disposal of the five service technicians. (© Reinhausen Italia)

ts customer base includes transformer manufacturers that export all over the world, energy providers such as ENEL, ACEA, and ENI, and even household names like Barilla, Fincantieri, FCA and Ferrari. Reinhausen Italia is renowned for its comprehensive range
of services with five service technicians who are employed year-round to meet demand. “Every service technician travels to the training center in Regensburg for three weeks every year so that they can continue to learn about and get certified for servicing different types of tap changers,” observes Pasquarelli.

The Full Package

he service fleet consists of four VW buses and two trucks with cranes, which are used to lift the tap changers that need servicing out of the transformer. The vehicles also hold a variety of measuring equipment, maintenance equipment, and tools.

Since 2014, customers have been able to book a full service package that only requires them to disconnect the transformer from the grid at a prearranged time—the Reinhausen Italia technicians take care of everything else. In addition to performing full maintenance on tap changers, they also deliver the oil, which is tested for PCB content in accredited labor­atories. If it is free of PCB, the customer receives an official confirmation which is impor­tant for disposal purposes. “This all-inclusive service is well received by customers; we are booked out for almost the entire year,” says Pasquarelli. 

320.5 TWh

The scale of demand for electrical energy in Italy in 2017; 11.8 % of this was imported from abroad.


24 %

The proportion of total domestic electricity production in Italy that is provided by wind, biomass, and solar energy.

53,000 Liters

The quantity of mineral oil delivered by the team to customers in 2018.

201,000 Kilometers

The distance traveled by the five MR service technicians in 2018. Each technician is on duty for approximately 150 days per year.


219 Years Ago

This was when Alessandro Volta (1745–1827), an Italian physicist from Como, invented the very first functioning battery—known as the voltaic pile. He was one of the founding fathers of electricity studies, and the volt – the unit of electrical potential – is named after him.


60,000 Kilometers

The total length of cables covering the Italian high-voltage network.


500 The total number of all-inclusive services

carried out by the Team since 2014.




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